23 June 2024

Who I am?

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I am Oliwia Zimniewska and I am running Female Face of Sport.

I belive that if you can dream it,
you can do it!

So take a seat,
and get to know me better!

I was born in Poznań, Poland, where I spend my childhood, youth and big part of my adult life. I have master degree in Physical Education and Coaching, BWF coach level 1 and 2 certificate and lately I accomplished to become A Trainer (german licence). I like to discover things, develop and master my skills. I am open and quite curious woman, who wants to share experience and knowledge with others.

My adventure with sport started already in primary school. I enjoyed all kind of physical activity. It was always so much fun! One day I tried badminton and it became one of my favourite physical activity. My passion for sport led me to study physical education and to become a teacher and a coach. During time of studying I worked in club UKS Baranowo and for regional association WOZBad. I loved those jobs, where I could introduce sport to children and support them on the way to become the best possible person and player they could.

I was working along with coaches and teachers who inspired me everyday. I had an opportunity to look up to great teachers and female coaches, who supported me and encourage at my work. This time tought me that you are stonger, when you work as a team. That we, teachers, coaches are there to help young players and not the other way around.

After this time, I moved to Germany, where I spend 2 years working for regional association BVRP and educating myself in german system (getting B trainer and A trainer). I gather a lot of experience, working with many clubs, talking with many coaches and club members. Since 2020 I live and work full time in Austria, in beauftiful region Vorarlberg.

The time I spent working at school with many young girls showed me, what kind of challenges a PE teacher has to deal with. I decided to give my best and help girls feel comfortable with any physical activity. I decided to give them set of basic skills in safe, non judgemental way. Encouraging, giving positive feedback and being a role model for them, was a key to success and made sport a positive experience for girls. I took this experience to my coaching world and used during time I spent in Germany. During many talks with coaches, I heard that girls are dropping out from badminton and clubs are cluless how to prevent this to happen. I decided to take action and came up with an idea to create regional program for girls in badminton in region, where I was working. I created “Go Girl! Badminton project, made by girls, for girls”, which was a success. In between, I reached out to coaches, who were already involved in women in badminton projects, and I was invited to joined Regional Project for girls in Oviedo. Later on I was invited to join Girls camp in Montilla, which was organized by Andalusian Badminton Federation.

Those experiences showed me, how important it is to encourage girls in participating in sport, both competivite and sport for all. But as well it is important to share knowledge about women in sport, to raise awareness in this topic (physical training, mental training, recovery, hormones, etc.). Because of that I decided to create Female Face of Sport. A platform, where you will find information about women and girls in sport, as well as inspiration to your daily work. As for players and parents, I hope that you will find answers and inspiration you are seeking.

Yours – Oliwia