23 June 2024


Are you looking for more information about women in sport?

Are you curious how sport looks like from female perspective?

Are you looking for inspiration?

Here you can find a list with interesting places and my TOP 3 of podcasts and books. Additionaly, you can find reviews of podcasts, books, and articles by clicking on the podcasts or books category.



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This podcast is a great place to get more information about women in high-performance sport. Jeannine Borer, a journalist and former track and field athlete, talks about how we can individualize training process to women’s needs.

Language: German, English and French.

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“Just women’s sports” is great podcast hosted by Kelley O’Hara. Two-time World Cup and Olympic Champion talk with successful female athletes, about their way to the top. You can find there many interesting, funny and inspiring stories.

Language: English.


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A podcast exploring the rollercoaster of emotions, challenges and inspirational stories based on women in sport, brought to you by Rhona and Bons.

Language: English.